Simona Baumgartner, BA

Student Assistant at the University of Lucerne

Simona Baumgartner completed her Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Studies with major History at the University of Lucerne in 2021. In her Bachelor’s thesis, she analysed the work situation of hotel employees in Lucerne in the second half of the 19th century using sources that have never or only been used cursorily up to now. Simona Baumgartner is studying history at the University of Lucerne in the Master’s program with a minor in religious studies and is working as an student assistant on two research projects, one at the Department of History and one at the Faculty of Theology, as well as in the public relations department of the Faculty of Culture and Social Sciences. Before working at the University of Lucerne, she worked, among other things, as a guide in the exhibition «Flucht» at the Historical Museum Lucerne and led tours for the Assiciation “Frauenstadtrundgang Luzern”.

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